Every home needs to have some form of cooking appliance - it could be a huge free-standing cooker with multiple ovens and a hob, or it could be a simple single oven. There is so much variety when it comes to cooking appliance and no two are quite the same.

At KitchenUnits4U, we aim to provide a wide range of appliances so you can pick out whatever will suit your cooking needs. 

  • Single Ovens: With a single oven you get one cavity to roast, grill and bake in. The advantage of these is that they do not take up that much space. We have a wide selection of built-in and built under single ovens to choose from.
  • Double Ovens: A double oven has two cavities that can be cooking different items at different temperatures, so you could be grilling in the top cavity and baking a cake in the lower one. Most are built-in, but we also have a variety of freestanding and built under double ovens.
  • Hobs: Ceramic, induction, electric, open gas flame or gas on glass - we have every type of hob available in a range of different styles and colours.
  • Microwaves and Compact Ovens: From the simple freestanding microwave to the top of the range built-in coffee maker. We also offer warming drawers, compact steam ovens and combis. 
  • Extractors: No-one likes that lingering smell of cooking. Extractor hoods remove the steam and smell from your kitchen and come in a selection of colours, shapes, and styles.
  • Splashbacks: Protecting your kitchen walls from any splashes, helping you keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.