Base Units

Base Units are the kitchen cabinets that provide the framework for your kitchen. They go under the worktop or island to provide support and storage for all your kitchen utensils. You can create a minimalistic kitchen with just base units to keep the walls free. 

There are many different types of Base Unit that we offer:

  • Highline Base Units - The most basic of kitchen units! A simple cabinet with a door or two. 
  • Drawer Line Base Units - A kitchen cabinet with door and drawer. 
  • Drawer Packs - Kitchen base units with 2, 3, 4 or 5 drawers. 
  • Open Base Units - Another basic kitchen unit, but the front is completely open with no doors or drawers
  • Drawer Lined Open Base Units - Open base units but with a top drawer leaving the bottom area open
  • Angled Base Units - The angle of this base unit goes back to the wall creating a bigger, continuous line into your kitchen. An angled base unit is a great unit to use if the entrance to your kitchen is limited.
  • Corner Base Units - These units are particularly useful in kitchens that use more than one wall, such as in a U-shape. The standard corner base units have one end hidden in the corner and connecting to the adjoining wall. There is also the option of an 'L' shaped corner unit that has no sides hidden.
  • Pullout Base Units - Similar to the highline units, but with pullout wirework installed for easy access and organisation