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Door Colour

Make the ultimate contemporary style statement with the chic, handless doors of Strada Gloss. A high quality product with an exceptionally flawless, mirror-like finish to create a high-end, stylish kitchen. 

  • Colours: 7 gloss colours (also available in 26 matte colours)
  • Style: slab with integrated J-handle
  • Finish: high gloss polyurethane
  • Base Material: MDF
  • Door Thickness: 22mm
  • Edge Colour: As face (gloss)
  • Reverse Colour: As face (melamine matte)


  • The appliance door is designed to fit on integrated appliances, with a U-shaped groove to hide the handle.
  • 1965mm high doors will have a vertical rail for use on larder units. 
  • For units using bi-fold doors (LCBU9 & MLCWU6), the doors are only available as a pair.
  • Door sizes listed are approximate to make it easier to match our units. If you would like the exact size, please Contact Us. 

About Gloss Doors

  • Certified by CATAS, all our gloss finished ranges will withstand the daily rigours of human activity without ever looking worn or tired. The mirror-like finish is guaranteed not to peel.

Installation Advice

  • Ensure that all new builds or newly plastered rooms have been left to environmentally stabilise prior to the installation of new kitchen doors. They must not be installed into a damp or moisture rich environment as it will cause movement in the joints and panels and result in possible cracks and warping. A hygrometer should be used to assess conditions
  • Store the fascias flat and away from the working area. Do not lean the fascias against one another or against any surface without proper protection in-between
  • Fully inspect each fascia prior to attaching the hinges - claims for damages will not be accepted after hinges have been attached. 
  • When opening the packaging, take extreme care and do not use a sharp blade.
  • When attaching hinges, place the fascia face down on a soft clean surface ensuring there is no grit, sawdust or other matter underneath that can damage the surface. Ideally use a clean sheet of cardboard on a hard flat surface. if the hinges are a 'knock-in' type, use a rubber mallet without excessive force.
  • Once the hinges are attached, hang the door on the unit immediately to avoid damage. Do not stack the doors with hinges touching other doors as this can cause scratches or marks. 
  • Do not stack the doors on their ends on any hard surface - this can cause chipping and scratching along the edges. 
  • Gloss doors come with a protective film over the front. You should remove this only after they are installed as the curing process continues for around 72 hours after the film is removed. This means the doors will be liable to scratches and other marks.

General Care

  • Always wipe off excessive moisture - prolonged exposure will damage the doors
  • Be careful with extreme heat sources, such as kettles and toasters. It is recommended that these heat sources are not used whilst directly under wall units as the steam and heat can cause damage to the doors above. 
  • If using glass cleaner to clean the glass on glazed doors, do not let it make contact with the frame. Ideally, spray the cleaner onto a cloth and not directly onto the glass to clean. 
  • Do not use the following cleaners on the doors: wax furniture polish, abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or other hypochlorite (chlorine) cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, dilutes, acetone, alcohol, solvent or other similar products. 
  • For deep, periodic cleaning: use a 5% soap, 95% water solution, wiping with a damp cloth and following the direction of the grain, and dry with a clean soft cloth. Specialist high-gloss door cleaners are also available
  • For day-to-day cleaning: use only water and a lint free soft cloth or a micro-fibre cloth. Use circular motions to achieve a high buff. 
  • Ensure all cooking splashes, spills and condensation residue is cleaned and dried immediately. 
  • Never use any abrasive pads - use only cloths.
  • Please be careful not to puncture the surface. If a puncture does occur, ensure the area stays completely dry to prevent moisture ingress. 
  • If the surface is exposed to oily substances (e.g. butter, cooking oils), the spillage must be wiped away immediately to prevent staining. 
  • Fingerprints are common on high gloss doors - wipe them off with a soft cloth or a micro-fibre cloth. 
  • Greasy residue can be removed using a mild detergent/non-abrasive cleaner if used immediately after the exposure. 

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